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Food Recovery Spotlight: Syd Mandelbaum and Rock and Wrap it Up!

Throughout 2015, the Food Recovery Project will be blogging about innovators, entrepreneurs, and advocates on the front lines of the food recovery movement – forward thinking and creative activists who are fighting food waste and wholeheartedly embracing a food conservation ethos. Our first spotlight feature is Syd Mandelbaum, the founder of Rock and Wrap it […]

Tri Cycle Farms

Nonprofit Urban Farm Builds Food Recovery Into Its ‘One-Third’ Model

In the economic doldrums of the Great Recession, two underemployed friends hatched a simple plan to address their food insecurity: plant a backyard garden. But they also realized that there must be others grappling with the same issue, and so they made a commitment to discuss food security with other people in their community. As […]

NWA Food Bank

Northwest Arkansas Food Bank Works with a Range of Food Recovery Partners, from Gardeners to Walmart

Every day in Northwest Arkansas, nearly 100,000 people are going hungry, and one in four people in the region face food insecurity at some point during each week (well above the national average of one in six). Recognizing the extent of food insecurity in the region and inspired to do something about it, in 1988 […]

Feed Communities/Harp’s Working Together to implement Food Recovery in the Retail Grocery Environment

As a regular customer at her local Harps supermarket (a regional, employee-owned grocery chain), Melissa Terry noticed that the produce staff routinely removed significant amounts of produce from the store’s displays — fruits and vegetables that were generally still edible, just not quite up to the standards for freshness and quality expected by Harps’ customers. Inquiring […]

Dedicated Student Finds Support in Initiating Food Recovery at the University of Arkansas

Cameron Caja, a student at the University of Arkansas, observed the large amount of food left over at the campus dining halls and had an epiphany – there is a tremendous amount of good food wasted on this campus every day that could, and should, be served to hungry people. Inspired, he looked into what […]

Feed Communities chili-making at the U of A processing plant.

Local Nonprofit Leverages University Program to Process Gleaned Veggies

On a late November Friday, volunteers from Feed Fayetteville came together with graduate students from the Food Science Department at the University of Arkansas to prepare a big batch of local vegetarian chili. The ingredients for the chili had been gleaned from the Fayetteville farmer’s market over the course of the growing season. Each week, […]