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FRP at the Arkansas Recycling Coalition

On September 20, 2016, Cameron Caja, the founder of Razorback Food Recovery at the University of Arkansas, and Satoko Kato, a visiting assistant professor at the UA School of Law, participated as panelists at the Arkansas Recycling Coalition’s 26th Annual Conference and Trade Show. Titled “Food Recovery Roundtable,” Satoko introduced the Food Recovery Project and […]

Leftovers For Livestock

In the United States, approximately 63 million tons of food is wasted every year. The natural resources used to produce that food, including water, fertilizer, and land, are also lost as a consequence of this alarming amount of waste. Furthermore, this wasted food typically ends up in landfills where, as it breaks down, it leads […]

Donate Food, Reduce Your Tax Bill

Image courtesy of Flickr user frankieleon The celebration of a New Year is followed closely by the start of tax season. This year, and going forward, tax time will be a little less oppressive for food donors.  At the very end of 2015, Congress gave businesses that donate excess food inventory a reason to remain cheerful as […]

FRP Director Speaks at Zero Food Waste Forum in Austin, TX

FRP Director Nicole Civita just returned from a quick trip to Austin, Texas where she had the pleasure of presenting a lecture titled The Law of Food Recovery: Reducing Risk, Maximizing Benefit & Creating Culture at the Austin Zero Food Waste Forum. The Forum, a multi-day, multi-stakeholder event was designed to gather, educate, and generate productive […]

Closing the Loop: Biosolids and Sustainable Food Production

LL.M. Candidate Maranda White, who has supported the Food Recovery Project as a Graduate Assistant researcher during the 2014-15 academic year, joins us as guest blogger for a frank discussion of the other food-related waste stream — the one we rarely discuss in polite company: human excreta.   In Rebuilding the Foodshed, Philip Ackerman-Leist exposes […]

FRN’s Ben Simon Lauded as 1 of 10 Young Entrepreneurs “Shaking up the Food System”

Ben Simon, the executive director and a founding member of the Food Recovery Network, was named in FoodTank‘s recently published list of 10 young entrepreneurs who are shaking up the food system. In spotlighting Simon’s work, Food Tank‘s Danielle Nierenberg praised FRN’s simple-but-powerful mission — to build and support a network of college chapters that redirect surplus food […]

Lecturing on the Law at the 2014 Food Waste & Hunger Summit

Professor Nicole Civita, Director of the Food Recovery Project, participated in the inaugural Food Waste & Hunger Summit on April 5 & 6 at Northwestern University.  She presented an hour-long plenary address on the legal aspects of food recovery and fielded many excellent questions about liability protection, preemption, tax incentives, and state-by-state nuances related to regulation of […]

Facilitating Food Recovery & Donation Through Liability-Limiting Legislation

Many businesses throughout the food chain – from field to table and beyond – are surprised by the sheer volume of food that is wasted in America. They are also struck by the magnitude of the avoidable costs associated with food waste and intrigued by the significant and diverse benefits in food recovery programs. However, […]

About the Food Recovery Project

The Food Recovery Project is an initiative of the University of Arkansas School of Law Agricultural & Food Law LL.M. Program with generous support from The Women’s Giving Circle. In 2012, the Director of the LL.M. Program, Susan Schneider applied for a grant from the Women’s Giving Circle. The UofA Women’s Giving Circle is comprised of […]