Nicole Civita, Featured Presenter on USDA Food Waste Webinar Series

Donating Unsold Food WebinarProfessor Nicole Civita recently participated as a featured presenter during the USDA Food Waste Webinar Series, “Donating Unsold Food – A Primer on Liability, Food Safety & the Good Samaritan Act“.   An excerpt from the webinar site states that “14.3% of American households found it difficult to put food on the table at some time in 2013, yet 31% of food at the consumer and retail level goes uneaten (USDA ERS).  Of the estimated 133 billion pounds of food that goes uneaten every year, much of it is perfectly safe and nutritious and could have been donated to hunger relief organizations to feed hungry people.  Sadly, much of this perfectly good food ends up in landfills.” You can catch the full webinar on the USDA Food Waste Challenge webinar page, or check out Professor Civita’s presentation here.

Nicole Civita is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas.  She teaches in the LL.M. Program in Agricultural and Food Law and directs the Food Recovery Project, which reduces food waste by producing informational resources regarding the legal aspects of food recovery.  Professor Civita presently teaches courses in food justice and urban agriculture law and policy and has collaborated on the development of a wide range of specialized agrifood law courses with leading experts.

*For information about food recovery, please visit:



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