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‘Love Letter to Food’ Video Puts Spotlight on Food Waste

A new video entitled “Love Letter to Food” does a fantastic job of concisely illustrating the magnitude and implications of food loss and waste in the United States as well as offering some tips regarding steps individuals can take to help address the problem. The video and an accompanying  issue brief on food waste were produced by the Food Policy Research […]

Lecturing on the Law at the 2014 Food Waste & Hunger Summit

Professor Nicole Civita, Director of the Food Recovery Project, participated in the inaugural Food Waste & Hunger Summit on April 5 & 6 at Northwestern University.  She presented an hour-long plenary address on the legal aspects of food recovery and fielded many excellent questions about liability protection, preemption, tax incentives, and state-by-state nuances related to regulation of […]

Cameron Caja

Cameron Caja’s Food Recovery Work Earns Him Student Leader of the Month Honors

The University of Arkansas recently announced that Cameron Caja, founder and chair of Razorback Recovery, was selected as Student Leader of the Month (March 2014) for his “excellence in leadership.”  Razorback Recovery (which was previously featured on this blog) is a volunteer-run student organization affiliated with the Food Recovery Network that recovers surplus food from campus dining halls for distribution […]

Tri Cycle Farms

Nonprofit Urban Farm Builds Food Recovery Into Its ‘One-Third’ Model

In the economic doldrums of the Great Recession, two underemployed friends hatched a simple plan to address their food insecurity: plant a backyard garden. But they also realized that there must be others grappling with the same issue, and so they made a commitment to discuss food security with other people in their community. As […]