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NWA Food Bank

Northwest Arkansas Food Bank Works with a Range of Food Recovery Partners, from Gardeners to Walmart

Every day in Northwest Arkansas, nearly 100,000 people are going hungry, and one in four people in the region face food insecurity at some point during each week (well above the national average of one in six). Recognizing the extent of food insecurity in the region and inspired to do something about it, in 1988 […]

Feed Communities/Harp’s Working Together to implement Food Recovery in the Retail Grocery Environment

As a regular customer at her local Harps supermarket (a regional, employee-owned grocery chain), Melissa Terry noticed that the produce staff routinely removed significant amounts of produce from the store’s displays — fruits and vegetables that were generally still edible, just not quite up to the standards for freshness and quality expected by Harps’ customers. Inquiring […]